Common questions about our services
What is the five hour work day?

Our team works every day from 8 am to 1 pm on site in our office in Berlin. We disallow the concept of telecommute or flex time as they both kill productivity and do not take breaks in these 5 hours. We rarely have meetings and keep them very short and the number of attendees to required minimum. A 1 pm we consciously stop our work and recreate during the afternoon to be ready for another very intense 5 hours the next morning at 8 am.

Why did Hardfork choose the 5 hour work day?

Software development is brain work. Our engineers work every day exactly 5 hours with exceptional concentration, focus and motivation. For five hours we only focus on efficiency and quality. This exceptionally focused work cannot be kept up for 8 hours a day for months or even years. It is our conviction that a longer work time per day not only decreases the engineers efficiency and motivation but also introduces more bugs and lower code quality in the software.

Additionally, due to this unique setup we are able to attract outstanding candidates as our employees and as such are able to support you with an outstanding dev team.