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Full Stack Applications

We build software and web applications according to your needs. Our team is proficient in all required technologies be it complex frontend application state management, client to server communication, backend development or reliable and scaling deployment and delivery from the cloud. With Hardfork you get your whole stack from one supplier.

We use the technologies and libraries that provide the most value for your project. Usually these include React, Redux, TypeScript, Apollo, GraphQL, Gatsby, Netlify, SQL (also serverless) and / or AWS serverless.

Blockchain Applications

We have been working in the blockchain space since 2013 and are proud to have successfully implemented several decentralized applications for our clients since. In these projects we support our clients during the whole process from the first idea over feasibility studies and cost analysis to implementation and deployment including hosting.

Technologies we have used in production so far include Bitcoin, Stellar, Ethereum / Solidity, Truffle, Ganache and Metamask.

Company value

We do not see ourselves as a purely technical supplier but as a partner to help you achieve your company goals. With our background in the Berlin start up ecosystem we know that software firstly needs to generate value for our client's business. We consider this not only when choosing the right architecture and set up for your project but also in all small decisions the daily software development requires.

Quality and transparency

At Hardfork we only work with highly qualified engineers in full time employment. Our work can be reviewed by the client at all times and the software built by us can be used and experienced from day one. We always work with automated tests, continous integration and deployment and ship new code only after careful review in the team.

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